Before you Begin: Installing R


GIMME is run from R, a statistical software package. In order to download R, visit `this page>`__ and scroll down to find the link for your operating system. Then click and drag the RStudio icon into your Applications folder, and double-click on the RStudio icon to open the program. The following animation shows you how to do this on a Macintosh computer:


Once you have installed RStudio and opened it, you will see a graphical user interface (GUI) that looks like this:


The RStudio GUI. The window on the left is the console, where you type commands. The window on the upper right is the Environment pane, which contains any variables that you have declared; and the window in the lower right shows files in the current working directory, and any packages that are installed.

Installing the GIMME Package

Installing the GIMME package is simple. From the command line, type:

install.packages("Gimme", depen=T)

Which will take a few seconds to download and install the package. The package contains a library, or suite of commands that GIMME uses to run analyses.

To use this library, in the command line type:


Which, if you click on the Packages tab on the lower right window, will show a checkmark next to the gimme package - indicating that GIMME is now ready to be used.


If this all runs without error, you are ready to begin learning about how to use GIMME. Click on the Next button to learn what kinds of data GIMME can analyze.