Chapter #3: Downloading the CONN Toolbox


The CONN software package is what is known as a toolbox, a suite of commands that is designed to be used as an add-on to SPM. (An overview of some common toolboxes that are used with SPM can be found here.) The CONN download page can be found here on the NITRC website; simply click on the download button to begin downloading version 22.a.

When it has finished downloading, unzip it. This will create a folder called conn. Open a new Matlab terminal, and type:

movefile('~/Downloads/conn', '~')

Which will move the conn folder to your home directory.

The next step is to set a path to the directory, so that we can access the CONN toolbox from any directory. Click on the Home tab at the top of the Matlab window, and then click on the Set Path button. Click on Add Folder, Select the conn folder from your home directory, and click Save.


Then exit out of the window, return to the Matlab terminal, and type:


If the path has been set correctly, CONN should load. After a few moments, you will see the default CONN screen:


If you see the CONN home screen, then you have both successfully installed CONN and you have installed SPM. We are now ready to begin our tour of the CONN GUI and explore some of the options in more detail.


For a video walkthrough of how to install the CONN toolbox, click here.